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The present policy applies to cookies placed on e-mailbox, websites, mobile sites and mobile applications edited by La Poste such as .

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file stored by your browser in a dedicated space on your terminal when a website is consulted. It enables the issuer to identify the terminal on which it is placed for its lifespan, and stores information related to your history, specifically to simplify browsing websites or display contents suited to your interests.

Why does La Poste use cookies?

La Poste uses cookies to provide users with the best experience, adapted to your personal preferences. By using cookies, La Poste saves you from re-entering the same information every time you enter our Web sites. The cookies are also used to optimize the performance of our websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. For example, they facilitate your browsing and help you find specific contents faster.

What types of cookies are used on the Digiposte website?

Technical and browsing cookies

These cookies are placed on all our websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. They facilitate browsing on our sites and applications, and are also required to enable you to use certain functions on our websites and/or services (account creation, identification etc.) and automatically expire when you close your browser. If you have chosen to disable cookies via your internet browser, access to our services could be altered. We recommend leaving them active to fully enjoy our services and browsing on our websites and applications.

The audience measurement and browsing tracking cookie

This cookie is placed on all our websites, mobile sites and mobile applications. It enables the collection of anonymous statistics of traffic on our sites and applications, in order to improve their user-friendliness. You can disable it in the section below "How to manage the storage and reading of cookies? ».

These cookies are placed by our advertising organization or by third parties (advertising organizations or advertisers) on the and websites. They enable the display of advertising suited to your interests. You can accept or refuse these cookies, either in the section below "How to manage the storage and reading of cookies? » for cookies placed by La Poste, or for other cookies, by consulting the confidentiality policies of each third party advertising organization or advertiser.

Sharing on social network cookies

These cookies are likely to be placed on your terminal by social networks. They enable the sharing of the contents of our services.

We can control these cookies and the data collected by social networks. For more information on these cookies, we advise you to consult the confidentiality policies of these social networks. The data collected by these cookies is used by La Poste, its advertising organization and their parties for their own purposes.

How long are cookies stores?

The targeted advertising cookies and audience measurement cookies placed directly or indirectly by La Poste are valid for up to 13 months. Your consent will be sought again past this date via an information banner.

How to manage the saving and reading of cookies?

You can disable the cookies in your browser, Youronlinechoices platform or, for the audience measurement cookie, on the AT internet website.

The browser

In Internet Explorer:

  • Click Tools at the top of the browser window and select Internet Options
  • In the Options window, click the Privacy tab
  • To disable cookies, place the cursor at the top to block all cookies.

For more information:

In Firefox:

  • Click Tools in the browser menu and select Options
  • Click Tools in the browser menu and select Options
  • Click Tools in the browser menu and select Options

For more information:

In Google Chrome:

  • Click the Chrome menu in the browser tool bar
  • Select the Settings option
  • Click Show Advanced Settings
  • In the Privacy section, click the Contents settings button, "Cookies and site data". You can then delete all cookies or select them one by one

For more information:

In Safari:

  • Enter Settings > Safari > Delete cookies and data

For more information:

In Opera:

  • Enter Preferences > Advanced > Cookies

For more information:

The Youronlinechoices interprofessional platform:

The European Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) that groups advertising professionals, enables you to accept or refuse the cookies used by companies registered on this website when you use their services.

The AT Internet platform for the audience measurement cookie: